Project Gauge

Welcome to the Project Gauge alcohol and other drugs client engagement and participation toolkit. Each of the following 5 modules are brief and will only require 10 to 15 minutes to complete. This introductory resource has been developed to introduce services to moving beyond individual engagement. Project Gauge is targeted toward Queensland public health alcohol and other drugs services however anyone is able to use this resource at their discretion. Before completing the modules, we recommend using the Mozilla Firefox web browser if you do not have the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Upon completion of each module participants will receive a printable certificate which can be retained as evidence of learning related to engaging and partnering with clients in alcohol and other drug settings.

Further reading is provided within the modules and listed separately in this site for easy accessibility. We encourage workers who are interested in a more detailed discussion about AOD client engagement and participation to check out the Project Gauge discussion paper by clicking here.

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This toolkit aims to support Queensland public health AOD services to create partnerships with their clients and improve the safety and quality of care. It should be used in conjunction with Standard 2: Partnering with consumers. If you would like to learn more about the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards we encourage you to visit their site by clicking here.


It is recommended that each following module be completed in order.

Resources and further reading

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What is client engagement and participation in the alcohol and other drugs sector?

This module aims to provide an overview of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) client engagement and participation and the scope of influence that clients can have in Queensland public health AOD services.



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Overcoming barriers to engagement and participation in the AOD sector

This module aims to provide an introduction to challenges for clients and services in embedding engagement. The module provides tips, strategies and resources to minimise the barriers.



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Solid ground – feedback and suggestion boxes

The aim of this module is to introduce the foundations of client engagement and participation – feedback.  It is recommended that ‘low level’ engagement practices are done well before moving to ‘high level’ engagement. This will ensure that services have solid foundations that can be built on to increase the chances of success for other engagement activities. The module provides introductory examples of how to create a responsive and effective feedback process focussed on ensuring mutual and ongoing communication with clients.


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Focus groups

This module provides an introduction to focus groups and highlights the benefits, challenges and key considerations. The module provides example templates for running a focus group.



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AOD client advisory groups and representative roles

The aim of this module is to provide AOD workers and services with an overview of client advisory groups and representative roles. This module provides examples such as advisory group terms of reference, role description and confidentiality, tips on running an advisory group and other important considerations at this level.


Project Gauge is based at Insight and has been developed in consultation with clients, statewide public health alcohol and drug services and key external partners. It is proudly supported by the Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drug Statewide Clinical Network and Queensland Health. All rights reserved 2016.

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