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This page contains a series of links and downloads to key alcohol and drug publications, resources and clinical guidelines.



National AOD Strategies and Frameworks

Draft National Drug Strategy 2017-2025

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Drug Strategy – 2014-2019 – IGCD (released 2015)

National Alcohol and Other Drug Workforce Development Strategy 2015-2018 – IGCD (released 2015)


AOD Sector Reviews

New Horizons: The Review of Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services in Australia – 2014 – Drug Policy Modelling Program / NDARC, UNSW (released 2015)

Harnessing Good Intentions: Review of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Treatment Service Sector – 2014 – NDRI (released 2015)


National Methamphetamine Publications

Final Report of the National Ice Taskforce 2015 (released Dec 2015)

National Ice Action Strategy 2015 (released Feb 2016)


Hepatitis C Treatments

Factsheet – New Hepatitis C Treatments available on PBS – Hepatitis Queensland (released Feb 2016)

Easyread Poster – The New Hep C Treatments – Hepatitis NSW (released Mar 2016)




Queensland AOD Models of Service

Queensland Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Service Delivery Framework (released Mar 2015)

POSTER 1 – Qld AOD Treatment Service Delivery Framework (pdf 696kb)

POSTER 2 – Key features of effective AOD treatment services (pdf 682kb)

POSTER 3 – Alcohol and Other Drugs Therapeutic Intervention Overview (PDF, 1.26MB)

POSTER 4.1 – AOD state-wide model of service – a consistent HHS AOD service approach (Page 1) (pdf, 1.12MB)

POSTER 4.2 – AOD state-wide model of service – a consistent HHS AOD service approach (Page 2) (pdf, 545kB)

Alcohol and Other Drug Services – Model of Service (Companion Document) (pdf, 525kB)

POSTER 5 – DABIT (Drug and Alcohol Brief Intervention Team) Model of Service (PDF, 692kB)


Queensland Health – Statewide AOD Strategies and Frameworks

Connecting Care to Recovery 2016-2021 – A plan for Queensland’s State-funded mental health, alcohol and other drug services (PDF, 3.32MB)

Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Workforce Development Framework 2016-2021 (PDF 747KB)

QLD Health Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Strategy 2016 – 2021 (3.4MB)

Queensland Health Clinical Services Capability Framework v3.2 – 2016 (PDF, 538kB)


Other Queensland Strategies and Frameworks

Queensland Alcohol and Other Drugs Action Plan 2015-17 – QMHC (released Dec 2015)

Report on the 2014 Queensland AOD Convention (released Oct 2014)


Queensland Methamphetamine Publications

Ways to Combat Ice Addiction in Queensland: Discussion Paper – Dept of the Premier and Cabinet (released Sept 2015)

QAIHC Ice Options Paper (released 2015)


Medical Cannabis Resources

An overview of Medicinal Cannabis – Queensland Health (released Feb 2016)




Australian Clinical Guidelines Portal – Australia’s Clinical Practice Guidelines Portal has been developed to help clinicians and patients access clinical practice guidelines via a single entry point.


Methamphetamine Guidelines

Management of Patients with Psychostimulant Toxicity: Guidelines for Emergency Departments – NDS (released 2006)

Clinical Treatment Guidelines: Methamphetamine dependence and treatment – Turning Point (released 2007)

Treatment Approaches for Users of Methamphetamine – A Practical Guide for Frontline Workers – NDS (released 2008)


Queensland Clinical Guidelines

Queensland Alcohol and Drug Withdrawal Clinical Practice Guidelines 2012 – Queensland Health (released 2012)

Queensland Opioid Treatment Program: Clinical Guidelines 2012 – Queensland Health

Queensland Dual Diagnosis Clinical Guidelines 2011 – Queensland Health

Queensland Dual Diagnosis Clinicians Toolkit 2011 – Queensland Health

Dovetail Youth Alcohol and Other Drug Good Practice Guides – Queensland Health


Resources for Families
Supporting Families Factsheet – (released April 2017)

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